Sahi Disha: UNDP launches campaign to celebrate women’s livelihood in rural India

he United Nations Development Program- UNDP has launched a campaign named ‘Sahi Disha’ in order to celebrate women’s livelihoods and entrepreneurship in the rural part of India.

According to a statement by UNDP, the launched campaign highlights issues and the hurdles that impact the opportunities of women living in rural India to access livelihoods and jobs. The campaign also talks about the problems in establishing enterprises that will help women in becoming more self-reliant.

About Disha Initiative:

The Disha initiative is a five years collaboration between the IKEA Foundation and the United Nations Development Program.

It enabled around 1 million women through counselling and skilling services for accessing livelihood and job opportunities in rural India.

The initiative benefitted women living across five states of India-

• Haryana,

• Delhi NCR

• Maharashtra

• Karnataka and

• Telangana

Encouraging women enterprises:

According to UNDP, the Disha initiative apart from providing job opportunities to women also provided the psycho-social support to empower and mentor women in starting their own business and enterprises.

By encouraging women to be self-reliant, the initiative challenged the gender stereotypes that the women face in the community as well as in their own homes.

About United Nations Development Program:

The program is the UN’s global development network. UNDP promotes investment and technical cooperation among the nations.

It also advocates for changes and connects nations across the world to share knowledge, experience, and the resources in order to help people in building a better life for themselves. The organisation is funded entirely by the voluntary contributions from the member states of the United Nations and it operated in 177 countries worldwide.

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