First Quad Summit

Quad, which comprises the United States, Australia, Japan and India, is congregating at a historic moment as the state leaders are meeting for the first time on 12th march amid global challenges emerging out of the Covid-19 pandemic and more importantly, China’s bullish rise as a regional power. 

What is Quad?

The Quad, officially the ‘Quadrilateral Security Dialogue’, is a strategic forum between the four nations for exchanging strategic intelligence and conducting joint military exercises. So far, Quad meetings have semi-regularly happened only at the foreign ministers’ level.

Officially, the grouping was conceived as a space to cooperate for safeguarding joint security and other interests in the Indo-Pacific region. However, observers say that the Quad is geared to counter China’s military and economic rise seen in recent decades. Thus, China considers the Quad as an attempt to contain its ambitions and looks at the group as a possible “Asian NATO” of the future.

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